A Vamp Camp Update + What I’m Writing in July!

Hey friends! Super exciting announcement…

I’ve finished the first draft of Vampire Campfire!

Wooo! That means I’m currently in the midst of edits (which is less exciting), and Vamp Camp is going to be out by the end of June. Yeeeaaahhh!!!

If you follow me on Facebook, you might have seen that I posted a little sneak peek of Vamp Camp over there today. Make sure you head over and read the opening on Facebook now! Be sure to let me know what you think!

This is the first time I’ve ever released two Damned Girl books so close together. I was planning to wait a little longer to write this one, but every review on Loch Nessa has been so sweet – I don’t think it’s had a rating under five stars anywhere, which is insane! And everyone has been begging me for the next book, so I decided to just jump straight into it.

But don’t worry, Charlie fans…

In this video, I talk about what I’m going to be writing in July! Caught in the Act (Charlie Davies Book 7) is going to be out next month, and I’m also planning on finishing the first draft of a book in my new Baxter & Co. series set in Sydney, called Live and Let Bondi.

Anyway, that’s enough typing for now. You’re here for a video after all! Plus it’s dinner time here, and I have a delicious chickpea pumpkin curry waiting for me. Can’t let it go cold!

I hope you’re well. I love you all! As always, feel free to comment/email me/talk to me on social media. I love hearing from you guys! xx

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