Author Q & A with Christina McMullen

Humorous paranormal fantasy? Uh, yes please. Count me in.

Pitch the concept of your book in 2-4 sentences. 

Past Life Strife (Book #1 in the Rise of the Discordant series) is the story of a small Midwestern city with an unusual problem: it is a hotbed of paranormal activity. As such, agents of Order have been stationed to protect the town from falling to Chaos. Unfortunately, the agents have drama of their own and have to rely on unconventional means of keeping the end from coming. There is also a very likeable demon. 

If readers like these three books, and these three movies, they’ll most likely enjoy your book. What are those movies and books?

Readers of Robert Lynn Asprin’s Myth Series, Douglas Adam’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series, and much of Vonnegut’s work will enjoy this satirical take on the urban fantasy genre.

Is this book a part of a series? Which part in the series is it, and how many are there/will there be in the series?

This is the first book in a series of five. The first four are now available. The final book, Frack You, will be released in early 2016.

What’s an aspect of your book, be it plot, character, political commentary, or so on, that people might not expect to be there just by reading the description or looking at the cover?

The humorous aspects. While this is in many ways serious urban fantasy, the whole point is to satirize the genre which can at times, take itself to seriously.

What inspired you to write this story?

I cobbled together the plot from a few ideas and projects that I’d been working on since the early 1990s. Some of the source material was lighthearted, but some of it was rather dark. In a way, it was a challenge that gave myself to see if I could merge the light and dark into something that wasn’t a complete mess. I’d like to humbly say that I’ve succeeded. 

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