Author Q & A with G G Atcheson

G G Atcheson is the author of “The Legacy: Fate” and “The Legacy: Destiny“, a science-fiction series featuring aliens and vampires. What more could you want? Keep reading to see if this series is for you! (Seriously, though, a vampire-alien combo – who isn’t into that?)

Pitch the concept of your book in 2-4 sentences. 

An alien named LX crashes on Earth and discovers a new breed of humans who call themselves vampires. When fate brings a group of renegades casted out of his own planet thousands of years ago, he enlists the help of his new friends to save Earth from total annihilation.

If readers like these three books, and these three movies, they’ll most likely enjoy your book. What are those movies and books?

It’s hard to associate my book with movies or other books. The closest I can think of would be Starman (1984) starring Jeff Bridges and the series it generated with Robert Hays. The Hidden (1987) might be another one. Some reviewers said it had a feel of superhero stories. I guess it depends on how you see it.  Starman (both movie and TV Series) and the TV Series Moonlight starring Alex O’Laughlin were my main source of inspiration for the books.

Is this book a part of a series? Which part in the series is it, and how many are there/will there be in the series?

The Legacy: Fate is the first of a series, The Legacy: Destiny being the sequel. Both books have an ending that should satisfy the readers while hinting of something else going on. I’m currently working on what one might call a prequel (or maybe 1.5). This story will work as a stand-alone and will shed some light on events that happens in the two other books. The idea came to me when a beta reader asked me questions about a character in Destiny.

There should be four books total; however, with LX filling my head with his constant chatter, who knows.

What’s an aspect of your book, be it plot, character, political commentary, or so on, that people might not expect to be there just by reading the description or looking at the cover?

First, I don’t think anyone can guess what the story is about by looking at the cover. I debated about changing it but in a strange way it fits. You just don’t know it until you read it. Now to answer your question: The book contains subtle humor. Although one might expect it from an alien who doesn’t fully grasp our idioms.

What inspired you to write this story?

I’ve always been fascinated with possible life in the universe. Movies about aliens, especially the good kind? Bring them on! The thing is there are not nearly enough. One evening my husband remarked that while we loved aliens and vampires, we never saw both together in a story. I decided right then I’d change that.

Grab your copy of “The Legacy: Fate” here!

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