Author Q & A with Patricia Loofbourrow

According to her author bio, “Patricia Loofbourrow, MD is an SFF and non-fiction writer, PC gamer, ornamental food gardener, fiber artist, and wildcrafter who loves power tools, dancing, genetics and anything to do with outer space.” If that doesn’t intrigue you, I don’t know what will. She published her novel ‘The Jacq of Spades‘ less than a month ago and it’s already garnered some pretty great reviews – definitely worth checking out.

Pitch the concept of your book in 2-4 sentences. 

The domed neo-Victorian city of Bridges is split between four opulent crime Families in an uneasy cease fire. Its steam-driven infrastructure failing, a new faction rises from the bleak slums and barren ruins of Old Bridges: the Red Dog Gang. Jacqueline Spadros, kidnapped from her mother’s brothel and forcibly married to the Spadros Family heir, finds moments of freedom in her small-time private eye business, which she hides in fear of her sadistic father-in-law. When her best friend’s little brother disappears and the Red Dogs are framed for it, Jacqui pushes her abilities to their limits in hope of rescuing the child before the kidnapper disposes of him.

If readers like these three books, and these three movies, they’ll most likely enjoy your book. What are those movies and books?

Three books: Game of Thrones (gray and gray characters, factions), the Michael Connelly (Bosch) books (highly flawed main character in a mystery/procedural role), Wuthering Heights (obsessive romance themes)

Three movies: Chinatown (bleak neo-noir), Blade Runner (future detective story), The Big Sleep (1940’s version) (noir)

Is this book a part of a series? Which part in the series is it, and how many are there/will there be in the series?

This is first in a 13 part series, with two ‘side books’ planned from the point of view of different characters. I also have one spin off under production in the same universe (different genre, pen name, set 30+ years in the future from book 1).

What’s an aspect of your book, be it plot, character, political commentary, or so on, that people might not expect to be there just by reading the description or looking at the cover?

The dominant religion is about cards and card games (thus the names). Playing cards are considered sacred and never used except by religious figures. Also, I loosely based the Four Families on the Chicago Mafia.

What inspired you to write this story?

I just recently wrote an article about that.

A couple of years ago, a couple of sentences popped into my head which struck me as reminiscent of film noir. Since I also like the aesthetics of steampunk, I decided to combine the two. On plotting the story, I realized I was starting in the wrong place. The Jacq of Spades is really a prequel to the book I originally wanted to write.

Anything else you’d like to add?

I’m looking for reviewers. Anyone who sends me a link to their review will get a special deleted scene that I think you’ll like.

Get your copy of Jacq of Spades here.

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