Live and Let Bondi

What? A new series???


In September 2017, I’m going to release the first in my new series, The Baxter & Co. Mysteries, called Live and Let Bondi. This book will be set at the Baxter & Co. offices in Sydney, where there’s something fishy going on.

I don’t have a blurb yet, and I don’t have a final cover, although I do have one mocked up and it looks AWESOME – seriously, best cover yet. But I do have a story and I do have a little bit of the first draft that I’m going to share with you here…

Bear in mind, this could change by the time the actual book comes it. It’s very much in the early stages, so don’t judge me too harshly.

Here goes:

Billy Defranco had fucked up.

He was sitting in the corner of the cafe, back to the wall, waiting for his long black to arrive. No messages on his phone, no phone calls. His partner was late. Not the best first impression. Maybe they’d stuck him with someone sloppy on purpose, just to test him. No matter. He’d make it through this and whatever else they threw at him. If he’d survived that transfer to Brisbane, he could survive anything.

The waitress arrived and sat his coffee in front of him. She gave him a warm smile and asked if she could do anything more for him. He smiled back and shook his head. “No, thank you. Just the coffee for now.”

“Let me know if there’s anything else.”

He assured her he would, resisting the urge to wink. He wasn’t here to hit on waitresses. He was here to work. If he had been here socially, he would have winked, and he would have gotten away with it. The waitress had taken an instant liking to him – to his brown eyes and brown hair and soft hands and wicked grin – and would have asked him out for a drink if he’d winked in that moment. They would have ordered cocktails, a Moscow Mule for her and a Cosmo for him. Billy had no qualms with drinking pink drinks. Unlike a lot of men, he recognised that his masculinity wasn’t inherently tied to the colour and sugar content of the beverages he consumed. They would have eaten corn chips and guacamole and gone home together. But Billy knew none of this, and didn’t wink, and so it wasn’t to be. It was probably for the best, because if Billy had winked then, the next morning he would have woken up with chlamydia.

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