Live and Let Bondi

In November 2017, I’m going to release the first book in my new series, The Baxter & Co. Mysteries, called Live and Let Bondi. This book will be set at the Baxter & Co. offices in Sydney, where there’s something fishy going on.

I don’t have a blurb yet, but look at that cover! Isn’t it gorgeous? You can check on the progress of the book in the sidebar (at the bottom of the page on mobile) and hassle me if I’m not writing fast enough.

After all, I’m writing eight books in the next two and a half months. I need all the help I can get.

Here are a couple of little teasers, just to whet your appetite:

  • You’ve probably already gathered, but this book is set in the same world as the Charlie Davies books.
  • There is at least one character you already know who will make an appearance in this book
  • These series will interlink with each other – and another series I’m starting up next year. (Seriously, I can’t impress upon you how many books I have in the works. It’s gotta be at least fifty. Oh, wait, there’s also that other series… Man, don’t tell me how many. I don’t want to know. But I really need to work on my typing speed.)
  • The two main characters, Billy and Nat, are not ever going to end up together (for reasons that will become apparent when you read this book), but there will be a little romance for both of them because I’m me and I JUST CAN’T HELP MYSELF.
  • Billy has a smile that could rival a McKenzie’s.
  • Nat, on the other hand, makes Charlie look charming.
  • I’m SO EXCITED for you to read this series.

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