Book Haul! Some of the stuff I’ll be reading this year…

Man, I love books.

This probably comes as no surprise given that I’m an author, but golly gosh, I think books are just swell. No, I don’t know why I said ‘golly gosh’ either. Let us not dwell upon it.

In the thumbnail you can see a few of the books I got for Christmas/obtained around that time – and yes, I’m aware that that sounds like I performed some sort of midnight bookstore heist. I didn’t, although as burglaries go, robbing a bookstore seems kind of understandable. Not that I’m condoning this. (Seriously, if you want free books, just go to a library. OR, you know, you could join The Free Book Club… Yes, I am a shameless plugger. You should know this by now.)

But anyway, back to the thumbnail. You can’t see all the books, partly because they’re covered by the title and partly because that stack of books was so heavy I could barely hold it up high enough to be caught on camera. There are some HEFTY TOMES in that stack.

What you can see is a sneaky little Stitch in the background. I have a feeling that from just about any angle in our home, you will be able to see something Disney-related. In the Outlining and Designing the Cover for Loch Nessa post, for example, you can see a sneaky Princess Tiana in the thumbnail. Man, I love Disney. So. Much.

So. Much.

Anyway, back to books. If you want to know what I got for Christmas and what I’ll be reading over the course of the year, check out the video below. You can also stalk my bookshelf in the background, if that’s your sort of thing – and come on, isn’t that everyone’s sort of thing?

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