Caught in the Act is Out Now!

Charlie Davies Book 7 is out now!

That’s right – Caught in the Act is here!

Grab your copy now:

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Charlie’s back, and this time she – well, she lets a murderer escape. Oops. Now she has to track the killer down, which would be a lot easier if she wasn’t still healing from her last scrape with a murderer. And it’s not just her injuries slowing her down. The constant nightmares about that guy she stabbed aren’t helping either.

Plus now that Topher’s back, keeping her thing with James McKenzie a secret is going to be tricky – especially since James and her bro are living together.

Charlie needs to catch the murderer, if she doesn’t get caught out first.

So basically it’s business as usual.

I hope you like the book! Don’t forget to leave a review if you enjoy it. 

So now I’m working on the first Baxter & Co. Mystery, Live and Let Bondi. There’s a little more info about it in this video if you’re curious to know more.

OK, I’d better go.

Happy reading!

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