‘Christmas Spirit’ by Morgana Best – REVIEW

I’ve been away on a ‘writing/research’ trip lately, which I really should call a ‘procrastination’ trip since rather than writing, I’ve been catching up on all of Morgana’s books. I got a little behind over Christmas, what with all my editing work (yay!) and retail life (vomit!), but I’ve been making up for lost time over the past couple of days.

This book is SO. GOOD. I feel like every time I read one of Morgana’s books, I’m like ‘yep, OK, this is my new favourite’, but it’s happened again. I have a soft spot for ghost stories (as you guys probably know, given that I write them), and I absolutely love the dead guy in this one. (“I absolutely love the dead guy” is a phrase that probably comes up too often in my life, but whatever.)

The mystery is so intricately plotted and this book sets up what I know is going to be another amazing series. Also, can I just say – I NEED TO READ THE NEXT BOOK RIGHT NOW. I can’t even form a coherent review because I’m so upset that the book ended…

(As a side note, even though it has ‘Christmas’ in the title, this is definitely a book for any time of year.)

You need to read this. Now. And then wait in agony alongside me until the next book is released.

You can buy “Christmas Spirit” here.

(I received a free copy, but it didn’t impact my review. OH MAN I WANT TO READ THE NEXT ONE.)

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