A Day in the Life: Work For Days

This post was originally written in December last year, in the middle of the pre-Christmas retail rush when I spent my days pedalling DVDs and my nights writing and editing novels. (Such is the life of a newbie author-entrepreneur.) Needless to say, things were a little hectic. I spent that month feeling VERY tired. Whether you find it encouraging seeing someone else slog through the crappy parts of life or you just find it mildly amusing seeing how many horrible selfies I can take in a day, I hope you enjoy it.

Anyway, on with the post…


First things first… Waking up. I’m definitely a morning person. Cough.


Face is now applied. Ish. (Feat. flattering angle.) Yeah, some days I put makeup on. The more put-together I look on the outside, the less I’m coping on the inside – fun insider scoop for you there. See that perfect blush and button-up shirt? DEATH AND DESTRUCTION UNDER THE SURFACE.


Walking to work, listening to an audiobook on freelancing. One day I will leave my day job. One day… (Sorry about the lighting – I have a degree in this stuff, but you’d never know it. I could fix it, but hey, this is how I look of a morning, dramatic shadows, tears and all.)


Well, that sky looks nice and foreboding.


Coffee. The only way I can cope with the Christmas retail rush. (Well, the only way I can cope without turning to a beverage of a different kind. Seriously, I work in a discount electronics shop in between ‘The Reject Shop’ and ‘Aldi’ – this corner of the shopping centre attracts a certain kind of customer, and that certain kind of customer is not one you want to face without some caffeine in your system.)


Toilet break. Don’t actually need to wee, but needed to get out of the shop. The air con is broken, which is not ideal in a shop filled with 50-100 people at any given time with computers and TVs and lights everywhere. A wall of heat hits you as you enter, and you can taste sweat in the air.


Sexy bathroom selfie. That hair, though…


At 6 p.m., the work day is FINALLY over.

Well, the first work day, at least…

I feel like Princess Tiana from The Princess and the Frog (also known as ‘The Best Disney Movie Ever’ and if you disagree you are wrong) – you know that scene when she stumbles home from work and collapses into bed, only for the alarm to go off immediately? Yeah, that.

Goodbye retail, hello editing.


Hire me to edit your stuff. I will make you cry. (Just kidding, I promise. But I will be thorough. That’s what you want, though, right?) Also, yes, those are Frozen pyjama pants. OK, so I’m a little obsessed with Disney. Some time soon I’ll give you a house tour and you can have a sneaky gander at all my Disney memorabilia.

This week  I discovered a local home delivery service specifically for alcohol. The first night I ordered a cask of wine, three bottles of cider and two family-sized packets of chips. A couple of days later I ordered two more casks. This says a lot about my life right now.

I think it’s time to end this post before it gets out of hand – as if it hasn’t already.

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