Death on a Mountain!

… You guys didn’t actually believe I’d be daily vlogging, right?

Nah. You know me better than that.

I’m sorry! We’ve been filming a lot, but I’m incurably lazy when it comes to actually editing the vids. Plus editing/uploading stuff takes a lot of time and I’ve been too busy swimming at Waikiki and snorkelling and flying in a helicopter and hiking and walking on glaciers and seeing TWO BEARS and seeing four musicals on Broadway and turning 23 in Disney World and – well, you get the idea.

BUT there are three videos, which is like one a week, which is totally reasonable, right?

And there will be more. I just figure that right now I’m better off channeling my energy into (cue broken record) finishing my fucking book.

We’re getting there! And I’m aware that I’ve been saying that since January, but it’s really true this time! I’ve finally fixed the awkward bit that I was finding it so hard to write myself out of, and I’m up to the final big conflict bit. So close to finished…



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