“Donn’s Hill” by Caryn Larrinaga – Review

OK guys – I just finished reading this book and man, I loved it!

(I like to keep reviews here short and sweet, so I’ll just go over my main points.)

This story follows Mac, a woman who (following her father’s death and a bad breakup) moves to a small town she where she holidayed during her childhood. Of course, Donn’s Hill is not just any small town… It happens to be filled with ghosts.

I loved the writing style of this book. The description is so detailed and well-written that I really felt like I was there, experiencing everything that happened in the little town – seeing the sights, feeling the textures, smelling the scents (although I’ll admit that wasn’t always totally pleasant! Haha). The writing style and strong sense of place are two of my favourite things about the book.

While reading, I immediately wanted to move to Donn’s Hill and do the job Mac ends up doing – psychic for a ghost hunting TV show? Uh, yes please. That’s not to say that being able to interact with spirits doesn’t inconvenience (or terrify) Mac from time to time. (OK, a lot of times.) Still, it seems like a pretty sweet gig.

The mystery that must be solved doesn’t become obvious until about halfway through the book. The first half involves setting up the story and there is a slow boil of clues of what is to come. I didn’t find this annoying, however (even though I’m usually kind of impatient as a reader), because there was plenty of intrigue all the way through. The payoff was worth it!

This was a really enjoyable read and I would definitely recommend this book to any paranormal cozy mystery fans. I look forward to seeing what the author writes next!

I also did an interview with Caryn which you can read here.

You can get ‘Donn’s Hill’ on Amazon.

Check out Caryn’s website.

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