Editing is Hard, Y’all

On Valentines Day, I published my first novel. Now, I love writing. It is everything I want to do in life – make up stories alone in a room? Not have to deal with people? Um, hello dream job.


Editing. Is. Hard.

I left myself a month for edits, because I like to run on a tight schedule, and also because I’m insane. I know that I’ll procrastinate for as long as possible, so I tried not to give myself long enough for that to be an option. Stupidly, I thought if I only had a month, I wouldn’t leave it until the last minute.

Oh, what a fool I am.

I got everything done on time in the end – barely – but oh, did it take a toll on my home.


My kitchen became ‘wash utensils on demand’ because I had such a backlog of dirty dishes.


I started getting food delivered every night and eating the leftovers at my desk for breakfast and dinner.


There was barely room for my computer amongst the dirty cups and leftover takeaway containers on my desk.

For the final week of edits, I could feel my brain dissolving in my head and I barely slept. I lived in squalor. I probably put on five kilos.

It was awesome.

10/10 – Would do again. And will.

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