Sometimes you guys have questions for me, so I thought I’d make this page to answer them. If you have any more, pop them in the comments below!

When is the next [insert your favourite series here] book coming out?

I used to set out a publishing schedule for the year with expected release dates for all my books, but since I’m an incredibly flakey human, I almost never hit my deadlines so the schedules got moved around a lot.

This year I’ve decided that I’m not going to bother with a publication schedule and instead I’m just going to write what I feel like when I feel like it. This makes it a lot more fun for me, which should mean more books for you!

As a general rule, though, I’ll have at least one new book out in each series every year.

So how will I know when a new book is coming out?

By joining the Readers’ Group! Then I’ll send you an email when a new book is out, as well as sneak previews of upcoming books and other stuff I think you’ll enjoy.

You can also follow me on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter to hear about my progress as I’m writing.

What order should I read the Charlie Davies/Baxter & Co. books in?

In the order of publication! Which is:

  1. Losing Your Head (Charlie Davies Book 1)
  2. Unfinished Sentence (Charlie Davies Book 2)
  3. Short Fuse (Charlie Davies Prequel) – get it for free here
  4. Charlie Davies: A Psychological Profile – get it for free here – EXCLUSIVE
  5. Graceless (Charlie Davies Book 3)
  6. Higher Learning (Charlie Davies Book 4)
  7. Santa’s Little Helper (Charlie Davies Book 5)
  8. Undetected (Charlie Davies Book 6)
  9. Caught in the Act (Charlie Davies Book 7)
  10. Raising Hell (Charlie Davies Book 8)
  11. Live & Let Bondi (Baxter & Co. Book 1)
  12. New Year, Screw You (Charlie Davies Book 9)
  13. Gone Ghoul (Baxter & Co. Book 2)
  14. Hark! The Herald Angels Sting (Baxter & Co. Book 3)
  15. Strip Joint (Charlie Davies Book 10)
  16. Nightmare on Oxford Street (Baxter & Co. Book 4)

Can I read the Baxter & Co. Mysteries if I haven’t read the Charlie Davies Mysteries (or vice versa)?

Yep, but you’ll have a lot more fun if you read both, so why deny yourself? 🙂

What is your writing process?

Utter chaos.

But for real, I generally come up with a very vague concept in my head, then open up a Scrivener document. At first, I write down the ideas I have floating around my head, then kind of fill in the blanks, just writing a sentence or so on what happens in each chapter. I usually aim to write 25-30 chapters total.

Once I’ve got all the chapters very vaguely outlined (usually getting even vaguer towards the end, because I tend to figure out the details while I’m writing), I start writing whatever chapter I most feel like working on. Sometimes that means I start in the beginning, sometimes I start in the middle. Then I just write until it’s done.

How much do you write a day?

It varies wildly. Some days I’ll only write 1000 words and others I’ll write 10000. I do usually take two days off a week, though. Well, I intend to. Sometimes it doesn’t quite work out that way…

What do you do when you’re not writing?

I don’t understand the question.

Just kidding! There are a couple of things I do other than writing, such as:

  • making YouTube videos
  • taking baths with Lush bath bombs
  • making YouTube videos about taking baths with Lush bath bombs
  • drinking tea/coffee/wine, depending on the time of day (I usually save the wine for after breakfast)
  • eating. LORD do I love eating.
  • cooking. Which is closely related to the aforementioned eating.
  • yoga. Yeah, I’m one of those people. I mean, I suck at it, but I try.

Are you actually a semi-pro lawn bowls champion like it says in your bio?

Yes. Also a Victoria’s Secret model, a multi-millionaire and a gifted heart surgeon. (That bit in my bio about being a compulsive liar is totally made up, though.)