‘Get Real’ by Tellulah Darling – Book Review

I loved this book for so many reasons. Without giving anything away, I will say that the plot drove the action of the story and kept me turning the pages. The romance was fun, hot and drove me a little insane. (I kind of just wanted to punch both of the main characters at times – just get together already! You’re made for each other!)

The thing that really stood out for me, though, was the fantasy. It was so well-realised. Nothing felt contrived – every element of the magic was logical and made perfect sense. It fit completely naturally into the world of the story and just made total sense.

I would absolutely recommend this book if you like fantasy, action, mystery or romance, or a combination of them all. I received a free copy to review, but it didn’t affect my opinion of the story. Seriously, it’s one of the top 5 best books I’ve read this year. (I’m up to 36, so top 5 is pretty impressive.)

I also mentioned it in this video, if you want to check it out:

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