‘Graceless’ is here! And some pictures…

Guys! It happened! Graceless is here! Here’s a little taster in case you haven’t picked up a copy yet…

There were certain scenarios in which I wouldn’t mind being woken by Adam Baxter in the middle of the night (most of them involving him being shirtless), but this was not one of them – not least because I was currently in bed with James McKenzie. OK, so to be fair we weren’t exactly ‘in bed’ so much as ‘on my lounge room floor’. I had a crick in my neck and judging by the dark patch on the shoulder of McKenzie’s T-shirt, I’d been drooling in my sleep. (Yes, he still had his shirt on. I had terrible luck when it came to undressing attractive men.) It hadn’t exactly been a ‘happening’ evening, if you catch my drift. There was, of course, the small obstacle that my housemate Lea was cuddled into his other side, snoring loudly enough to bring the roof down. This wasn’t a romantic date for two. Still, being woken up by my boss when it was dark outside – and a Saturday – was not my idea of a good time.

While I was finishing off edits I spent a bit of time at my parents’ farm, which is FREEZING but otherwise is my favourite place to work (not that writing is really that much ‘work’).

The garden in winter. Sometimes we’d see bunnies running around the yard and basking in the morning sun! Aahhh….
This ceiling is so fucking photogenic.
Hard at work.
And now for the ice cream saga…
The ice cream came out of the freezer with a crust… So mum and Alexi decided to tip it out onto a plate and attack it from below.
Bring out the carving implements!
And finally a picture from the trip home – view from the lookout with a bushfire in the distance. It made the mountain look kind of like a volcano. It’s always an odd feeling when something so devastating is equally beautiful.

If you’d like to get your copy of ‘Graceless’, it’s available on:

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Not sure if it’s for you? You can try some of my books for free! Head over to the Free Stuff page and pick them up now.


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