Happy Halloween: ‘Hell’s Belles’ is out!

This doesn’t really require much more information beyond the title, to be honest.


I hope you enjoy it! Pretty please, if you do like it, leave a review! I’m on my knees begging. Literally. I need reviews desperately.

Just think of it as recommending a book to a friend. Even if you write one sentence – or one word! – it helps me out so much. More reviews = more people who will try the book = more time I can spend on writing = more books. 


I love you all and I hope you enjoy this new adventure with Nessa.

Pick up your copy now:

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2 thoughts on “Happy Halloween: ‘Hell’s Belles’ is out!

  1. Of course, another winner from Clare. I am thrilled that I found your books to read. I have read all of them now and anxiously await the next offering. If anyone out there is reading my comment(s) don’t wait any longer. Get on the bandwagon and start reading them all. No disappointments here. Wonderful wit and humor. Five star rating on everything Clare writes.

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