How I Handle Bad Reviews…

Yesterday morning, I sat down at my computer with a fresh mug of tea (French Earl Grey with coconut-almond milk, if you’re curious), lit some dragons blood incense (not made from actual dragon) and settled in, ready to write – except instead of getting straight to work, I decided to check my Amazon page first.

Big mistake.

You know what’s the most demotivating thing that can possibly happen when you’re writing the fourth book in a series?

Getting a one-star review on the first book.

I’m not good with bad reviews. Really, I’m not good with meanness in general (and this review was mean). Unlike the characters in my books, I don’t usually react angrily/violently to people being arseholes; I’m more of a ‘curl up in the corner rocking back and forth and crying’ kind of person.

It kind of knocked the wind out of me – but rather than, like, quit my dream job because of one shitty review, I decided to make a silly video instead. And then, you know, get back to writing.

And hey, if you like my work and you have an Amazon account, please leave a review – even just one sentence. It honestly helps me so much. (And not just in terms of self-esteem.)

Anyway, enough chat – here’s the silly video I made about how I deal with bad reviews. Enjoy!

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