Leaving the Day Job and Becoming a Full-Time Writer

I want to be honest with you, my darling readers. I still have a day job.

A day job I’m contractually obliged to not complain about. So, instead, let me just tell you that I work in a shop and leave this here for you:

Anyway, having not complained about my job at all, let me move on to the point of this post: I would very much like to make the transition to writing full time. Originally my goal was to have done this by the end of the year, but now that it’s drawn this close to December, that’s looking unlikely. It seems that I have at least one more Christmas in retail to look forward to.

Next year I’m fortunate enough to be travelling overseas for the first time, doing a big trip of America. (And possibly following that up with Europe. I know, I’m ridiculously lucky.) That is in May. With the trip in mind, I’ve re-evaluated my goals and decided that I would very much like to not go back into retail when I return.

How am I going to make that happen?

In addition to writing my novels, I’ve begun doing freelance editing work. I’m a grammar enthusiast from way back, and editing (copy editing specifically) is something I’ve always been interested in, as it’s something I do naturally as I read anyway. (Although I somehow seem to have a bit of blindness when it comes to my own work. PLEASE let me know if you spot any errors in my books so I can fix them up! Seriously, it’s really embarrassing. I can fix anyone’s work but my own. Contact me via email: clare@clarekauter.com, or on any of my social media – links in the sidebar.)

Recently I had a go at copy writing for a natural cosmetics company and found that surprisingly fun as well. I’d love to do a bit of that on the side (although I don’t want to take too much time away from writing my fiction, seeing as that is what I’m most passionate about).

I’m also looking into speaking opportunities, better advertising, starting a Patreon page where people can ‘tip’ me, coaching/running workshops, and just generally doing anything I can to stay solvent without a ‘day job’.

So that is my current plan. I will, of course, let you know how it goes. I hope that eventually this may help other authors in my position, and perhaps it will interest readers who stick with me as I grow my writing/editing business. And obviously it would give me more time to work on my fiction, which is definitely a good thing.

Mostly, what I’m hoping to achieve with this post is transparency – for anyone else undertaking this path, or for anyone reading my books/blogs or watching my videos and thinking what an amazing life I lead. Yes, it’s pretty good, I’m not denying that – but being a full-time writer would be better!

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