Live & Let Bondi is here!

Doesn’t my face just look so attractive in that picture?

What’s that? My face looks attractive in every picture? Aw, thank you. You’re so sweet.

Guys! The first Baxter & Co. Mystery is here!

Have you got your copy yet? 

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Welcome to the Shitty Cases Division. 

Natalia isn’t sure about the new PI in the office. It seems like the bosses aren’t sure about him either, because they’ve ordered her to babysit him. What’s his deal? He’s keeping secrets, which isn’t ideal behaviour from someone who’s supposed to watch your back. Oh well. He’ll probably run screaming when he finds out what his first case is, anyway.

Billy is back at his dream job after a year away, and nothing is going to ruin his good mood. OK, so he’s being supervised by someone with less experience than him. Whatever. He’s back, and now it’s time to – wait, what? His first case is… to solve a murder.

For a ghost.


As if that’s not bad enough, there’s definitely something shady going on in the Sydney office of Baxter & Co., and Billy and Natalia don’t know who they can trust.

They’re not even sure about each other.

Grab your copy:

Amazon | iBooks | Kobo | Nook | Smashwords

If you haven’t read it yet, you really should. Especially if you’re a Charlie Davies fan. There’s a certain cameo that will make it worth your while…

And if you’re waiting on the next book, never fear! I’ll be posting my release schedule for 2018 here soon.

As always, though, the best way to keep up to date with new releases is to join the Readers’ Group. Then I’ll email you as soon as a new book comes out. (And you’ll get some freebies, which is always fun!)

xx Clare

(Now go read the book.)

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