“Losing Your Head” is in Print!

Say hello to the newest addition to my bookshelf…. My first novel! 

I’ve never been so excited to receive a parcel before. I opened my door at 3pm wearing Bambi pyjamas to greet the delivery guy, who politely tried to hide his giggles at my appearance. (It was a very cold Autumn day – I’m sure he understood my decision to spend it in bed. Such is the life of an author. Or so I’ve heard – I don’t know if I count as an author given that I have one novel and most of my income is from a retail job. Anyway, I’m just getting in practise for when I am a proper author.)


It’s such a crazy idea that my book now exists as a real thing in the world, with actual pages that you can actually flick through. A story that’s just been in my head since I started writing it when I was 13 (I know, it’s taken me a while) is a real thing that I can share with other people. Not only that, but other people are buying it and reading it and leaving reviews. I’m living the dream. (Well, nearly, if we ignore the aforementioned retail job.)

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