Losing Your Head – Valentines Day 2015

cover 2

Charlie Davies lacks, well, skills. Hand-eye coordination. Life skills. Doing her taxes, transferable work skills, anger management – you get the picture. So when somehow she manages to trick the owner of a security company into giving her a job, she’s rather pleased. That is, until she starts to think that maybe she’s the one who’s been tricked…

Then there’s her former high-school nemesis, James McKenzie, accused of his uncle’s murder, who jokingly offers Charlie twenty thousand dollars and a house to clear his name. Charlie, who (like one of life’s true winners) still lives with her parents, takes him up on the deal. What’s the worst that could happen, right? (Oh yes, she actually thought that.) Unfortunately, that means McKenzie keeps hanging around, annoying her, and sometimes, even worse, being nice. The audacity of this guy.

Things start to heat up a little for Charlie. Not in that way. (But kind of in that way.) And what if, after all this, McKenzie turns out to be guilty? What if she doesn’t get paid?

Charlie might actually go insane.

Or, you know, end up dead.

Either way, what a ride, right?

Released 14 February 2015

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