Manuscript Monday: Camp is coming!

Whoopsies… So, I may have forgotten to post my video here last week, which means today is another catch-up post.

Oh well. More videos for you to watch now!

In last week’s (slightly over-colour-corrected) video, I was fixing up the ending of ‘Loch Nessa and I also happened to capture a rare occasion where I actually got dressed for the day instead of just wearing my pyjamas.

I talked about my new plans for my Monday posts from now on: basically, I’m going to tell you EXACTLY how much writing/editing I get done each week in order to shame myself into working harder.

I also go off on a slight tangent talking about tea… But who doesn’t love tea, right?

Here it is:

In this week’s video, I tried to give you an update on how ‘Loch Nessa‘ is going, but I ended up getting way too excited about Camp NaNoWriMo and just talking about that instead. I did remember to update you on my word count and hours spent writing/editing… but you’ll have to watch the video to find those things out. (Ha! Cliffhanger! Even in my blog posts I’m evil like that!)

Camp is so soon and I’m so keen for it! Ready to set some crazy writing goals and hole up in my virtual cabin for all of April while I try to hit them.

In the run up to Camp NaNoWriMo I’ll be making a bunch of videos – including one on my goals for the month – and I’ll make sure to update you during the month so you know how much I’m getting written and how much time I’m spending on creating books for you guys.

Loch Nessa‘ will be going up for preorder soon, and once that’s all sorted out I’m going to get a bunch of brainstorming/outlining done for camp so I can get the absolute maximum number of words written over the month.

And man, I’m so excited about it.

Anyway, here’s this week’s video. In it I discuss briefly what I’ll be writing next, so if you’re curious you can check that out.

Love you lots!

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