Manuscript Mondays! ‘Loch Nessa’ is nearly done…

I’m so close, you guys – SO. CLOSE.

That’s right, it’s another Manuscript Monday, and I have some super exciting news – tomorrow I’m going to finish writing ‘Loch Nessa’. Yes, come hell or high water, this book is going to be published within the next week.

And it’s such a relief. My lord, I’m so ready to be done with this book.

It’s not even that I’m not enjoying writing it – I totally am! The more I write, the more I love writing. Today was a great writing day. I really got into the flow of things, so much that time seemed to fall away for a little while as I was writing.

Flow is like magic. Seriously.

It’s like actually living the story – except that I’m warm and dry and safe while my characters are soaked and freezing and fighting for their lives. When you’re in flow, writing becomes like reading – transporting, almost effortless.

So it’s not that I don’t want to write this book. It’s just that I have so many ideas for new novels that I want to write and I’m kind of impatient to start. 

What’s that? You want a little teaser?


Oh, alright. I guess I can tell you a couple of things.

Romance. Ghosts. Food blogs (in the book – I’m not starting up another website). Heists. Goblins. Con artists. Sci-fi. Lesbian/bi protagonists. Vampires. (Intentionally) bad poetry. Genies. Lots of comedy.

So many ideas, you guys. If I don’t get cracking, there’s no way I’ll have enough time to get these done! Especially since the vast majority of my ideas are for long running series. I guess it’s better to be drowning in ideas than running dry, right?



Anyway, I should get back to finishing my novel, and you should get to watching this video.

I love you all very much, and I hope your Monday isn’t too awful. (At least I’ve provided you with five minutes of procrastination material, right?)

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