Manuscript Mondays!

How are you, my lovelies?

This year, I’ve started participating in a thing on YouTube called ‘Manuscript Mondays’ – basically, as the name suggests, it’s where you talk about your manuscript on a Monday.

These videos have been really fun to make, and it’s so nice to share what I’m doing as I go through the writing process. If you guys want a little more background on the ups and downs I’ve been going through as I write Loch Nessa, you should check out these videos. Or not. I mean, it’s your choice.

But I know some of you have been hanging out for the latest Damned Girl book, and maybe these will hold you over/get you excited for when it comes out!

The first video also has my writing goals for the year (which I’m already behind on… but there will be more details about that in the next post). The plan is still to publish 12 novels this year, as well as get everything in print and audio, and I’m determined to succeed.

I’m nearly there with the print already – I’m just waiting for some proof copies to arrive. And I’m so excited about it! There’s just something about holding a print book in your hands that makes it all feel real… And yes, I know it’s dumb that as a full-time author I still find it hard to believe that I’ve actually written a book (let alone nine of them), but brains are weird, I guess.

Anyway, to the videos!

This second video is a bit lower key. You can kind of tell that the stress of work is getting to me… Yes, I cut my own hair and I’m wearing pyjamas. Makes of that what you will.

This last video was posted today, so it’s a slightly more up-to-date account of where I’m up to with Loch Nessa. I’m now writing furiously so I can get it finished, edited and published by the twenty-third of this month (February) which is my revised release date.

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