“Miss Spelled” (The Kitchen Witch Book 1) by Morgana Best – Review

*I received a review copy of this book. I also bought a copy because I liked it so much.*

I love books about witches. I love books about small country towns. I love books about cakes. Why, hello, Kitchen Witch series. Nice to meet you. Oh, and there’s a mystery? Perfect.

This is the first book in another great series from Morgana Best. I stayed up far too late reading it, but it was definitely worth it. There is a great supporting cast of quirky and eccentric characters and a lovely sense of place in the novel. It makes me want to move back to the country!

I definitely recommend checking out this book if you’re a fan of cozy mysteries with a touch of the supernatural. Plus it involves baking and cats! (But not baking cats – that would be weird.)

Also, not exactly relevant to the review, but I read this on my Kindle as well as reading a physical copy of the book and at one point I picked up my Kindle and tried to sync it. With the physical book.

Yep. Well done, me.

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