“Murder She Typed” by Sylvia Selfman – Book Review


Izzy Greene, a widow of a certain age, joins a writing group in an attempt to actually finish one of her stories. She gets more than she bargained for, however, when her nemesis, sexy blonde bombshell, Sondra Sockerman disappears under suspicious circumstances. Izzy soon realizes she has a natural detecting ability when she and her friend, Flo, try to find the killer…who is now after them.


If you have read the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich (and let’s be honest, if you’re a fan of this genre, you will have), this book is kind of like reading Grandma Mazur’s secret diary. Although I’m *probably* not the intended audience for this book (being in my early twenties), I really enjoyed reading it, and definitely did not guess the ending.

This book is hilarious, a bit raunchy, and just really good fun! I finished it in a couple of days, and found that although the tone was light-hearted, the mystery itself was solid and engaging. Looking forward to continuing the series!

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