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 A Charlie Davies Collection (1-3)

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Charlie Davies is not really qualified to solve a murder. She’s not really qualified to do anything, unless it involves publicly embarrassing herself. She’s great at that.

Now you can catch up on her mystery-solving antics in one value-packed, binge-worthy boxset!

“Delightful unpredictable mystery…that makes you laugh out loud.” – Cassidy Salem, mystery author

Losing Your Head:

When Charlie’s high-school nemesis, James McKenzie, is accused of his uncle’s murder, he jokingly offers Charlie twenty thousand dollars and a house if she can clear his name. Charlie (like one of life’s true winners) still lives with her parents, and decides to take him up on the deal. What’s the worst that could happen, right?

Oh yes, she actually thought that.

Unfinished Sentence:

Charlie’s boss, the less-than-friendly Adam Baxter, has information that a local club owner is actually an escaped foreign criminal. Adam wouldn’t normally ask Charlie to help him (she’s not exactly his star employee), but she happens to have an ‘in’ – her friend is dating the man in question.


When a little girl goes missing, Charlie is convinced that both the police and her boss are looking in the wrong place. She joins off-duty cop James McKenzie in a secret investigation into the clues everyone else seems to be overlooking: a threatening balloon, pink flowers and a lost piglet. As if that wasn’t enough, Charlie finds herself wondering about McKenzie’s real motives for spending time with her. And when more details of her brother’s disappearance come to light, she’s not sure whose side James is on…

What other readers are saying…

“Australian Veronica Mars”

“Great stories, lots of action, and a fun heroine.”

“a perfect snark to sweet ratio”

“Loved the characters and the story line kept me turning the pages but not wanting the book to end.”

“Charlie is so spunky and just gets the job done no matter what. You can’t help but cheer her on, even during her clumsy moments. And the boys? Well let me put it this way, I’d love to be in her shoes…”

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A Charlie Davies Collection (4-6)

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Charlie Davies is back, and now that she’s a licensed PI there’s no stopping her. 

Join Charlie on her mystery-solving adventures in this value-packed, binge-worthy boxset!

Higher Learning:

Charlie Davies is about to face her worst nightmare: she’s going back to high school. Following the death of a local schoolgirl, Charlie must go undercover to find out who is dealing drugs to students. Not only does this mean heading back to class, but she must also get to know the girl’s friends – who happen to be cheerleaders. Time to break out the pom-poms.

Santa’s Little Helper:

There’s a flashing Santa on the loose, jingling his bells at unsuspecting holiday shoppers. Since Charlie is currently on her boss’s naughty list, she must go undercover as an elf to try and track this wayward Santa down. This means that at the jolliest time of year, Charlie will be reunited with her greatest enemy: retail.


All the signs point to Charlie’s big bro, Topher, being back in town. The trouble is, Charlie can’t find him – and she’s not the only one looking. Even for an amazing PI, this is a tricky case, and Charlie’s hardly in the ‘amazing’ category. With the police searching for her brother, convinced that he’s a murderer, Charlie’s racing against the clock to find him and help him before he’s arrested – or worse.

What other readers are saying…

“action-packed, laugh filled adventure”

“This author makes me laugh out loud and re-read lines just to keep giggling.”

“entertaining and addictive”

“I haven’t come across a Charlie Davies Mystery that I haven’t enjoyed yet”

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