Losing Your Head

Losing Your Head Cover 2016

“A perfect read” – Danielle Urban, Pulse Publishing
“Makes you laugh out loud” – Cassidy Salem, mystery author
“A pretty damn solid murder mystery” – Alexi Karahaliou, Nice Guy

Charlie Davies is really not qualified to solve a murder.  She’s really not qualified to do anything, unless it involves publicly embarrassing herself. She’s great at that.

But when her former high-school nemesis, James McKenzie, is accused of his uncle’s murder, he jokingly offers Charlie twenty thousand dollars and a house if she can clear his name. Charlie (like one of life’s true winners) still lives with her parents, and decides to take him up on the deal. What’s the worst that could happen, right?

Oh yes, she actually thought that. Unfortunately, that means McKenzie keeps hanging around, annoying her, and sometimes (even worse) being nice. The audacity of this guy.

Things start to heat up a little for Charlie. Not in that way. (But kind of in that way.) And what if, after all this, McKenzie has tricked her? What if he’s guilty? What if she doesn’t get paid?

Charlie might actually go insane.

Or, you know, end up dead.

Either way, what a ride, right?

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