New ‘Damned Girl’ Book Covers!

Guys, I’ve redesigned the ‘Damned Girl’ covers and now they are SO. MUCH. BETTER.

Like, it’s a bit ridiculous. 

I actually studied graphic design at uni, and yes, I passed – a fact that you might have trouble believing looking at some of my early covers. The thing is, it’s only recently that I’ve realised that people see the Damned Girl books as contemporary young adult fantasy. Not supernatural cozy mystery.

Honestly, the fact that I have a scene where half a zombie’s face slops off onto my protagonist’s foot really should have been a clue to that, but there you have it. I designed my covers for the wrong audience. Yeah, OK, I’m an idiot.

The old covers looked like sweet, safe-for-any-audience witchy fantasy, not crazy murderous Satanic fantasy. Bit of a difference.

So here we have it: the new covers.




I love them SO MUCH.

And yep, that’s me on the covers. Is it slightly narcissistic to put yourself on the front of your own books? Yeah, probably. But we all know the main character is basically me. Except for, you know, the magical powers and being raised by Satan and stuff.

Fun fact: if you follow me on Facebook, you might have seen me post this:


Well, those new book covers are the reason for the Great Straightener Accident of 2016!

Seriously, I’m so committed to my art.

I’m currently writing Hell’s Belles (you can check my progress in the sidebar if you’re on a computer or below this post if you’re on the mobile site) and I’m on track to release October 21st, ready to get you in the mood for Halloween. I’ll be posting some teasers here soon…

Exciting times!

Don’t forget to head over to my Free Stuff page to grab a bunch of free books while you’re here if you haven’t already! Honestly, who doesn’t love free stuff?


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