New Series Announcement!

Drumroll… And then an awesome drum solo… And then another drumroll, because we’re here for a reason, guys, let’s not get carried away.

OK, announcement time:

I’m writing a new series set in the same world as the Damned Girl books.

A paranormal romance series!

Each book will be a standalone set in Hellfire Shire following a different couple going about their lives in a fantastical world – and falling in love, obviously.

Oh, and there will definitely be some steamy scenes. Just a warning. (I know you’re going to love it, you pervert, you. 😛 )

And don’t worry – these books will obviously be the same style/tone as my other books, just with less murder. I’m not going to suddenly be writing something entirely different. Nothing too serious or angsty.

Just some romantic fun. With magic. And nudity.

If you want to hear more about the books, watch this video! (Seriously. Do it.)

This new series had completely dashed my writing goals for the rest of the year, though. I mean, I’m still shooting for eight books, but now three of them are in this series! Plus the three Baxter & Co. books and two Charlies…

I’ll get back to Damned Girl early next year, I promise. 

But in the meantime, you’ll have this series! I’m so keen to write these books (as you can see from the video).

It’s so much fun to explore the other magical beings that exist in Hellfire Shire, the ones that I don’t get much of a chance to talk about in the Damned Girl books.

Plus I’m going to set at least one of them at the university in Goonoogal, which means there’ll be some lessons on magic in there too. Eeeeee! Everyone loves magic lessons, right? It’ll be like sexy Hogwarts! 

I honestly don’t know if that’s an appealing concept or not…

Anyway, I hope you guys are excited as I am! These books are going to be super fun.

xx Clare

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