“Nun Of That” by Morgana Best – Book Review

(A Deadly Habit Cozy Mystery, Book ONE) 

Rose Taylor is struggling to keep her furniture store afloat, but her financial problems soon become the least of her worries when her neighbor is murdered, with Rose as the only witness. The problem is, nobody will believe that she saw a nun fleeing the scene. The population of her small Australian country town increases with the arrival of Adam Bowen, an investigative journalist writing a book on an infamous gang of bank robbers, and Bunny, the murder victim’s estranged and colorful wife. Are these things connected, and if so, how? Rose plans to find out – because in her town, she’s having Nun of That.


This is the fourth mystery written by Morgana Best that I have read in the past couple of months (I previously read the Sibyl Potts Cozy Mystery series – you can read my review of the first Sibyl Potts book, ‘A Cereal Killer’, here) and it did not disappoint.  ‘Nun Of That’ is the first in a new series, and I’m very much looking forward to reading the rest of it!

This novel has a wonderful sense of place, as with all of Morgana Best’s books, and the turn of phrase in her descriptions of the setting was so well-crafted it made me nostalgic for the country town I grew up in. At one point, her description of the colours in the sky in the early morning was so gorgeous that it even made me want to get up early! (A miracle, truly.) The little Australianisms, such as a hilarious match of AFL and the fear of driving at dusk in case of kangaroos crossing the road, added to an overall atmosphere of the story and brought the events alive.

The mystery itself was fun and intriguing enough to not want to put it down, but like a good cosy it was never too stressful – the perfect balance of captivating and calming.

And as always, the punny title is just perfect!

Buy ‘Nun Of That’ here!

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