“Nun The Wiser” by Morgana Best – Book Review

About: Nun the Wiser (A Deadly Habit Cozy Mystery, Book TWO)

One of Rose’s best customers – the elderly Evelyn Sutton – is found dead at the bottom of her staircase, clutching Rosary beads. It appears to be an accident, but Evelyn wasn’t Catholic – and as Rose and Adam begin to sift through the clues, Rose nearly pays for it with her life. Will Rose solve the murder, or will she remain Nun the Wiser?


Oh, how I love this series.

‘Nun the Wiser’ is an often-hilarious, transporting mystery that I finished in a single sitting. While I was reading I felt as if I were there with the characters due to the author’s vivid descriptions of the settings. There’s also a touch of romance, which is always a plus. I definitely recommend the series, and enjoyed this book possibly even more than the first.

I took a road trip a couple of weeks ago where we drove along Thunderbolts Way for hours, so when the Thunderbolt Festival was mentioned in this book I squealed with excitement like a crazy person. (When reading these books, I’m very easily excited – I’m constantly keeping an eye out for local references, because the books are set around the area where I grew up.)

I even got ridiculously happy reading the author bio in this book (I know, I know – obsessed). My reasons for this were twofold – firstly, Herbert, the rescued Dorper ram, got a mention, and I feel like I know him, having seen pictures of him on Facebook. What a cutie! Secondly, Morgana is a vegan! There are two of us! Two of us from the same rural area who are vegan and write mysteries for Kindle! Whaaattt?? (Good internet connections and vegetarianism don’t really exist in the country, so this is kind of a big deal.)

(I received a free review copy of this book, but y’all know that I genuinely love the series and would have given it five stars anyway.)

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