On Missing Deadlines…

Maybe I’ll change my author bio to “Clare Kauter was born three weeks late and has been missing deadlines ever since.”

I’m sorry. ‘Graceless’ is super late.

But it’s coming. 

I’ve added a little progress bar on the side of this page (the bottom if you’re on mobile) that tells you how far through writing ‘Graceless’ I am, and I’m finding it super helpful! Seeing the percentage I’ve finished writing is so much more motivating than just looking at a word count in a Word document.

Is this picture totally unrelated to this post? Yep, but it's creative commons and I
Is this picture totally unrelated to this post? Yep, but it’s creative commons and I just felt like you needed to see it. You’re welcome.

Instead of giving you fixed release dates, I think for at least the next few months (while I’m travelling) I’ll use the progress bar to give you an idea of when my next books will be out. That way you’ll be able to check up on me and hassle me to write quicker. Please do. I work much better under duress.

Tweet me/comment any abuse you feel is necessary.

A couple of weeks back, I hit a point where I didn’t know what I was doing with ‘Graceless’. While I try to outline stories, I’m just not that great at it. The outlines tend to be about 50 words long and not particularly detailed. For this book I had dot-points for every chapter up until about halfway through, then I had just written “some events happen, Person X did it, football game”.

Like what the actual fuck, Clare. Was that meant to be helpful?


So I took a little time off to try and plan… and accidentally plotted out book 11. And a book in another series. And a bit of book five. Then I finally decided I needed to just push through the tricky bit and, you know, write the fucking book. So I went back to ‘Graceless’.

Sometimes you just have to do the thing, you know?

Anyway, I’m on track now and I’m two thirds done! Home stretch. This book should be with you soon – but I’m not going to say when, because missing a third deadline would just be embarrassing.

Love you!

Also, if you haven’t yet, make sure you grab your free copy of ‘Short Fuse’ from my Free Stuff page and let me know what you think!

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