Nessa sees dead people. Unfortunately, that includes Ed.

Nessa needs her magic licence, but to get it she must complete her government-assigned quest: solve the murder of poltergeist Ed. Not as easy as it sounds, given that everyone who meets him wants to kill him.

With Ed’s help, she sets out to find the killer and wrap up this mystery as fast as possible. After all, Nessa’s not your average medium, and with a government supervisor watching her every move it’s going to be hard to keep her more unusual abilities hidden for long.

It seems like the murderer isn’t done just yet, and if Nessa doesn’t catch the culprit soon, she might end up joining Ed in the afterlife.

Eternity. With Ed.

She can’t imagine anything worse.

What other readers are saying…
“perfectly snarky wit throughout”
“fun romp through a magic filled world”
“Delightfully different”
“Clever and funny. An excellent read”

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