Sled Head

sled-head-2017Murdering Santa isn’t the most festive way to spend Christmas.

The trouble is, The Department has already decided what Nessa’s next quest is going to be, and getting rid of Santa is a nonnegotiable. This Yuletide season, Nessa must leave her beachside shack in Australia and head to the North Pole.

Getting to Santa isn’t exactly going to be easy. There’s a whole village of ice elves who just so happen to be employed by Santa (and let’s face it, they probably won’t be too pleased about Nessa knocking off their boss). Now throw in a North Pole that’s frozen solid, maybe a pod of wereorcas – not to mention a sneaking suspicion that someone has followed you from all the way Down Under to the ends of the earth…

‘Tis the season for this folly.

And if she finally manages to get to Santa, she’ll have to… Well… Sleigh him.

What a holiday.

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