Reservoir Dogs and a Ramble

First things first: I’ve been kind of a crappy blogger so far. When I started this website last year, I had high hopes. I want to blog, I do, but I just haven’t really figured out what my ‘thing’ is yet. It’s not that I don’t like writing – I do, I really do. I’ve even written four books to prove that, plus some other extras you can pick up here for free (wink wink, plug plug). It’s not even that I’ve been too busy, or not had any ideas. I just don’t know what YOU want from me, you know?

But recently I’ve realised that I kind of don’t care what you want. I’m sorry. I love you, I do, but I should be writing what I want to, not what I think you want me to. So this blog is going to become a bit of a shambles for a while until I figure out what my niche is. It will be part journal, part editing resources, part reviews and part random thoughts – which is exactly what it was last year, but now I’ll post more frequently and stop worrying about it so much. There might also be some pictures and videos, because I like creating those too.

Anyway, now that we’ve sorted that out…

Last night I watched Reservoir Dogs for the first time. I don’t know why, but I just can’t stop thinking about it. It is (and I know this is kind of blasphemous for someone with a film degree) the first Tarantino film I’ve ever watched, and I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. I think I thought it was going to be stressful and blood-filled. While that’s definitely accurate, it’s a little reductive. (Oooh, fancy words. I know. What a grown-up.)

It featured one of the most effective uses of one of my favourite cinematic techniques (if you can call it that) – the happy song playing over violent scene. I’ve always wanted to film someone getting beaten to death with a baseball bat while At Last (Etta James) plays in the background. Is that a weird thing to have always wanted? Probably. Oh, I should clarify – not actually getting beaten to death. Like, a movie. I’m not some kind of maniac.

The only other movie that I’ve ever felt so uncomfortable watching that I still ended up liking was Two Hands. (Don’t worry, it’s an Australian film; no one else has seen it either.) I’m looking forward to watching more of Tarantino’s films now. The goal is to watch them all (in chronological order) before Hateful 8 comes out. My boyfriend and filmy friends all want to see that in a fancy cinema, so I figured I’d better get caught up first.

Love you lots, and I’ll have a bunch more stuff for you to read here this year.

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