“Runaway Mortal” by Komal Kant – Book Review


An ancient prophecy.

A high school full of angels and demons.

And the only suspect of a murder she didn’t commit.

That’s the trifecta that starts off Katerina Lyrille’s year.

After being on the run from the supernatural world for a month, Katerina finally allows herself to be dragged back to school when she discovers the only way to prove her innocence lies in a magical object hidden somewhere in the school.

But school is still the stereotypical, condescending place it’s always been. Being mortal—a human with advanced abilities—Katerina is at the very bottom of the social scale compared to the angels and demons, who are looking for any reason to find her guilty, leaving the job of proving she didn’t kill anyone even harder.

Her year is only made worse by the arrogant, yet sexy, supernatural agent hired to guard her. At first, he rubs her the wrong way, but as they spend more time together, she can’t deny he isn’t as aggravating as she thought he was, which is a lucky thing because Katerina is going to need all the help she can get. There is a darkness growing within the school, and someone is out to stop her at all costs.

Even if it means her death.


Oh my god, I love this book. It has everything – an awesome, snarky heroine, supernatural elements that are really well thought-out, a murder mystery, a crazy old witch, a hot lead male (who I’m a *little* bit in love with), and plenty of material that has me hooked and waiting eagerly for the next in the series.

The wait might just kill me.

While I was reading the climax of the story (on a lunch break at work, so I was using my phone rather than my Kindle), my phone battery began to die – 5%, 4%, 3, 2, 1…

I actually screamed aloud in the break room (probably kind of scaring my co-workers) when my phone shut down and I had to wait HOURS until I could go home and keep reading. It probably would have been funny if it wasn’t so torturous.

Rather than talk too much about the plot of the book (you can read that in the blurb), I’m just going to tell you that you NEED to read it. Now. OK? Good.

You can find it on Amazon. 

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