Setting Goals

Yeah, March is a little late to the game to be making resolutions, but since I published a book unexpectedly in February*, what I want to achieve this year has changed a little bit. Originally I intended to study another degree, but one night I was hit with a crippling existential crisis which left me questioning what exactly I was doing with my life. More student loans? More years on Centrelink? Another degree in a field I don’t want to work in?

Eventually, I decided if I was going to be working hard and staying poor anyway, I might as well be doing what I loved.

Enter writing (with a little vlogging on the side).

Currently I’m working in retail part time, which is gross but leaves me plenty of time for writing. (And editing and publishing and formatting and emailing and all that other stuff that you forget is part of the self-publishing experience.)

Anyway, here are my goals for all to see. Some are a little lofty, but if you don’t try to push yourself then you’ll never get anywhere. Or at least not anywhere good.

*When I say I published “unexpectedly”, I mean that I found a forgotten novel from high-school on an old computer, decided to finish and edit it, and had it published within the month. Apparently I had a much better work ethic as a 13 year old than I do now.

My 2015 Goals

1. Publish three books (one down, two to go!)
2. Finish the year with 100 uploads on YouTube (38 down, 62 to go… This one might be tough.)
3. Dump Centrelink (Oh boy, AM I TRYING!)
4. Figure out the best vegan salami recipe (My vegan cheese-making is on point, but my seitan needs work…)
5. Actually do some exercise (urgh, I know. So fucking typical. Why don’t I just tack on ‘eat healthily’ as well?)

Have you guys come up with any goals for this year?  Let me know!

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