Sick As, Bro

Today I feel like death. Not in an all-powerful reaper of souls way, either. It’s like I’m in the early stages of the pestilence that will eventually claim the earth. My head is fuzzy and my thoughts are slow, like they’re having to swim through treacle. Perhaps my brain has begun to dissolve in its own fluid. That would be just my luck. Finally the end of my retail ‘career’ is in sight and I’m about to head overseas for the best holiday of my life, and my brain decides to start decomposing in my skull.

Stringing words together is not easy at the moment, but I’m so far past my deadline for ‘Graceless’ that taking time off is not an option. I’ve no idea if what I’m writing is any good (in fact, I’m 90% sure it’s total crap), but at least I’m writing. I can always fix it in post. By which I mean edit it into something coherent later.


As much as I’d love to stay in bed today drinking tea and watching YouTube for hours on end, it’s really not an option. I have four shifts left before I leave work, and one of them is tonight. I’m not looking forward to it (surprise surprise), but there is something very freeing about not giving a fuck whether they fire you. ‘Tis the week for making mistakes and treating customers just as badly as they treat me.

This morning I’m sipping some hot lemon water and agave, because when I’m sick I’m all about them C vitamins. Also I’m avoiding caffeine at the moment because, well, panic attacks just aren’t that much fun, are they? Best not to encourage them.

Anyway, I’ve gotta get back to work before I go to work. Don’t forget to pick up your free novella plus the ‘DVD extras’ from my Free Stuff page before you go! Love you. Drink lemon water and be merry.

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