The Launch Party went SUPER well, guys…

Obviously. I mean, just look at that picture of me. You can see how amazing it was.

Seriously, though, I had a lot of fun doing the live stream. It was just, you know… Well, watch the video below if you want to hear the whole story.

Don’t watch the live stream video, though. DEAR GOD, do not watch that. Save yourself!

But I genuinely really enjoyed it, even though I’m a total idiot and messed everything up. I’m thinking I might start doing a weekly live video over on Facebook at the same time (9 on Saturday morning for me, Friday night at 6 central time for all of you living in the past – or in America).

I want to do at least one more live video so I can tell you guys all the things I tried to tell you in the last one but, you know, you didn’t actually hear me say. (Man I’m an idiot.)

For example: what’s up with the print and audio formats of my books, and what books are coming out later this year. Although to be totally honest, I’ve already kind of changed my mind about what I want to write next.

I mean, I know I’ve only just put out the last Charlie book, but I really want to get started on the next book, Raising Hell

(Not one of my fantasy books, just to be clear. I know it sounds like one, but it’s just your average Charlie mystery. The name is kind of confusing, I know, but you’ll understand when you read it. When you think about it, my first two books both had ‘head’ in the title, so I guess I’ve been giving books confusing titles since I first started publishing.)

It’s just that I’ve started writing Live and Let Bondi and I’m worried that I haven’t quite nailed the voice yet. I don’t want to put it out until it’s good, you know? So maybe I’ll start writing another book with my old pal Charlie in the meantime. Or Nessa. Or maybe I should write one of my Hellfire Shire mysteries…

I just have way too many ideas. I don’t know what to do!


Anyway, while I’m grappling with my writing/scheduling issues, I’ll leave you with this video to watch about the disaster that was my live stream.

I love you! Happy reading.

Oh, and if you’ve read Caught in the Act and you enjoyed it, don’t forget to leave a review!

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