‘Unfinished Sentence’ is DONE!

It’s done! All submitted, ready for everyone who’s preordered it to have it automatically delivered to their Kindle/device on the 25th of this month. Yep, I submitted it as late as possible. Yep, I have a little problem with procrastination. Whatever. I got it done in the end!

At times, I thought this book wasn’t going to work. There is a lot more ‘drama’ in this book, I guess. The mystery isn’t always at the forefront of the story – there is a lot more about Charlie’s life in this novel, especially her friendships (and her more-than-friendships). I was worried that since the last book was so lighthearted, this story wouldn’t work; that it would be melodramatic and not what you guys want in a book from me.

Yeah, I was a little panicked.

But when I gave it to my editor, (my man-friend, who pulls no editorial punches even though we live together and he has to put up with my post-criticism moping), he liked it. Sure, it had a few problems, but he helped me highlight them and come up with ways to fix them. After I finished rewrites, the book was much more like what I wanted. Which is why every aspiring writer needs an editor. Dear lord, do not go at this writing business alone. You need backup. (Also you need to listen to them. At least some of the time.)

So now what? I’ve completed ‘Unfinished Sentence‘, which I’m pretty sure is my best book so far. What comes next?

Well, I’m going to put my next book up for preorder – ‘Sled Head: A Christmas Story’: the second book in the Damned, Girl! series. I obviously haven’t finished it yet, but I can tell you that it involves Santa and Santa’s Elves, a pod of orcas, a flying carpet, Henry the shifter, the Grim Reaper, and, of course, Nessa. It’s going to be a fun Christmas.

Oh, and there’s that secret project I’ve got in the works… But I can’t tell you anything about that just yet!

Buy your copy of ‘Unfinished Sentence‘ now!

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