What I’m Working On: April

Just in case you missed the announcement – I’ve published my tenth book!

In case you haven’t picked up your copy of Loch Nessa yet, you can grab it here:

Amazon | iBooksKobo | NookSmashwords

(And if you haven’t started the series, you can get the first book free over on my Free Stuff page.)

So now that Loch Nessa is out in the world, I’m starting work on Undetected (Charlie Davies Book 6). As of this writing, I’m 1311 words into it and 3775 words into my secret project. I feel like I should give this secret project a codename…

OK, I’m 3775 words into Secret Project: Codename Annie.

But back to Charlie for a second… I’m currently proofing all the books in that series to get them into print. (I know, I’ve been saying that for ages, but it’s taking a really long time.) I’m hoping to finish off Unfinished Sentence and Short Fuse today, and finish the entire series by the end of the week.

That way I can make sure I remember to slot in all the clues I’ve dropped throughout the series about Charlie’s brother’s disappearance, because in Undetected, Charlie is going to get some answers. And so are you…

But obviously I don’t want to mess it up, so re-reading/proofing those other books is kind of urgent.

(The cover reveal for Undetected is coming soon, too!)

I’ve also updated the cover for Hell’s Belles so I need to redesign the print cover for it before the Damned Girl series can come out in a physical copy. I’ll sort that out tonight while I’m watching iZombie. (Have you guys seen it? It’s like Veronica Mars, but with zombies. Not in an apocalypse kind of way – just the undead going about their lives. Uh, undeaths. Totally worth a watch. I’m still cackling from one of the jokes in it last night.)

My main goals for this month are:

It doesn’t seem like that much work when I put it like that…

Oh, I also made a Camp NaNoWriMo video this week that you might enjoy:

OK, back to proofing those books!

xx Clare

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