Writing Diary Day 2

I had big plans for today. I was going to get up, write first thing and then go for a walk to get the creative juices flowing.

Trouble is, when I woke up I just didn’t feel like writing, you know? And I had to check all my sales stats and rankings before writing. Then it was overcast outside, and you can’t go for a walk in winter when it looks like it might rain.

So instead here I am, sitting on the couch eating chocolate cake and drinking tea, contemplating what my next step should be.

I really need to develop a routine. This I know. If you have a routine, you just do things. You don’t have to use your willpower to get something done when it’s a habit. This is what I need with my writing. Rather than spending every day putting it off and then trying to madly type up some words in the early hours of the morning, I should try to get into the routine of writing for a bit when I wake up and spreading the work out over the day.

I also really need to improve my workstation. Slouching on the couch with my computer balancing on my lap is a truly terrible way to go about writing. I’m a little nervous about dictating while Alexi’s home, so instead I think today I might try standing at the kitchen bench and using it as a standing desk.

It’s 1.30. A good time to start work. Or a good time to catch up on all my YouTube subscriptions.

Right, it’s 6.45 and I’m yet to start writing. The kitchen is immaculate, though. I’ve caught up on the YouTube stuff, but more importantly, I’ve had a desk brainwave. Using our keyboard stand and Nintendo Monopoly I’ve created a passable standing desk. I’ve changed into my comfortable footwear. (If you’re unfamiliar with the comfortable footwear saga, you need to catch up on my YouTube videos, but basically I have a VERY COMFORTABLE pair of sports recovery shoes that are perfect for using a standing desk.) If I do get sore feet from standing, this ‘desk’ is adjustable so I’ll just grab my pilates ball and lower the desk (though I’ll have to find a longer desk top somewhere).


On a side note, I’m IN LOVE with iBooks. I only went wide recently (within the past couple of weeks) – meaning I put my books on all the retailers – and today I found that iBooks had THREE of my books on the Women Sleuths homepage – Losing Your Head in the top 5 free and Graceless and A Charlie Davies Collection in the new releases section. In the past week I’ve made more from iBooks than I’ve made most months on Amazon. <3 Here’s to a happy marriage, iBooks.

But back to the lack of writing.

I’m not going to start writing now. I know what you’re thinking – that’s a terrible idea. And I understand why you’re thinking that. However, I am going to do something else that’s super important that I’ve been putting off. I’m going to have a shower (no, that’s not the super important thing that I’ve been putting off – rude), blow-dry and straighten my hair, do my makeup and then…

Have a photoshoot. Yes, I know – fancy.

Updating the Damned Girl covers has been on my to-do list for a while. I’ve decided to make them more YA-fantasy than cutesy cartoony cosy mystery – there will be a post on my reasons for this soon. Point is, I’m going to be a cover model. (Just from behind, though.) Then I’m going to take an updated author photo. This is important marketing/business stuff because the sooner I update the covers, the sooner I can upload the books to the other stores.

After that, I’m going to split my time between redesigning the covers and rereading Deadhead and Sled Head so I remember where I was up to in the plot. Then I can make sure my Hell’s Belles outline makes sense and I can start writing it properly.

9.40. I did some exercise (who am I?) and then had a shower, but I just really don’t feel like getting ready for a photo shoot. I’m sore and tired from the exercise which just makes taking pictures seem less fun. Maybe I’ll just skip ahead to reading the books and then do the photo shoot later. Yep, I’m procrastinating heavily. Today has not been my finest day.

10.30. I’m watching TV while writing a little bit of Rosie. I’m only up to ~50 words, but at least it’s something, right?


  • The lack of routine is definitely letting me down. Definitely. HOWEVER, tomorrow is the first day of the month – a good day to start new habits – plus Alexi has work so I’ll be home alone. For some reason I feel way more pressure to get stuff done while he’s at work – probably because it reminds me of the horrors of having a day job and kicks my arse into gear. I don’t want a day job. Please, don’t make me get one. The only way I can make it as a writer is to write more books, so I need to do that.
  • Go outside. Tomorrow I’d like to start the day with a walk. Get everything flowing, you know. Unless it’s actually raining – not just overcast – I’m going to make myself do it. OK? OK.
  • Set intentions and see them through. I might need to come up with a concrete goal so I actually have something to work towards. I think I’ll do better with smaller, short term goals such as ‘write 1K words and then you can have some cake’ or ‘write for a solid 30 minutes’.
  • Dictation. Since Alexi will be at work, I’m excited to try and pump up my word count with dictation tomorrow.

Blog Word Count: 1005

Fiction Word Count: 52

If you’d like to see what kind of stuff I write, you can get my book Short Fuse for free from my Free Stuff page.


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